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Guest Comments

Josette et Roger


Dear Judy and David, I know this sounds repetitive, but we can’t help saying again what a wonderful trip it was… Now you are already preparing your next trips and we are back at work. Looking at a computer screen is not quite the same as whale watching (and listening) or hiking along a Labrador hillside covered with erratics and carnivorous plants

Jon Mamela

Director, Fairmont President's Club, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all your assistance in hosting (our guests). Your passion for Newfoundland and unbelievable hospitality with our Fairmont President's Club members truly supported our company's mission of "turning moments into memories for our guests"we look forward to working with you again. Thank you again for all your hard work and assistance.

Marty & Judy McShea

August 2006, Ocean, NJ, USA

Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour with you. We continue to enjoy this trip through our memories, about 200 great photos, and a log we kept. Even with the pictures it's hard to explain the fantastic experience of seeing the thousands of gannets at Cape St. Mary's. It was a real "communing with nature experience". We told the Smithsonian that we learned more than we expected and enjoyed every minute. Happy to be honorary Newfoundlanders!

Ralph Gallay

July 2006

Thanks so much for a really great trip. I'll be sure to give five other people in my family who may want to take the same trip, the good word. As for myself, who knows… I may try the Viking experience next year.

Peg and Jim Hastings

July 2006

Can't thank you enough for a GREAT TRIP!

Liz Wade

July 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful work with our trip, for the pictures, and your dedication to a job which has to be thankless lots of times, but which you do with graciousness and great knowledge — and a great vocabulary!

It's been a delightful trip, and has really built a love and respect for the NewfoundLANDer (I'm still trying). We really loved everyone we met — bright, outgoing, and so friendly. Would that this existed in the states…

Again, our many thanks to you, Ann, David and the group which put together such a nice trip. I'm sure you will hear from us again.

Pamela Frid

July 7, 2006

I have been sorting my pictures and have some wonderful ones. Looking through them makes me remember the absolutely wonderful time I had in Newfoundland. You were a big part of making that happen, so another great big THANK YOU. As I promised, I will send you the picture of the moose and a few others. Some of them are wonderful…

The security guys at the airport had a good laugh going through my luggage — offering to taste test the Screech chocolates for my secretary and the Partridgeberry jam for me, use the soapstone as a football, etc. If I hadn't been so used to the Newfoundland sense of humour, I would have been worried.

Ann Hyland

July 9, 2006

I am now back in England and trying to absorb everything I saw and did in Canada, especially with Jean and Wildland Tours. It was really good holiday and I would recommend Wildland to anyone. I guess we were really lucky as we saw everything we set out to see, the whales and dolphins on the last day being an incredible finale.

I still feel stunned by that experience. We had a good holiday group, although Jean would say we were a quiet bunch I think we were happy that way, and everyone was so keen everyone saw everything they saw whether birds, the bald eagles were terrific, mammals or plants and flowers. Jeans knowledge of where to take us to see all we did was such a help and her knowledge of Newfoundland and eastern Canada endless and interesting, a real asset to the holiday.

I hope you are all well, busy and enjoying life. It is nice to email you and know what you all look like this time!

I am now trying to settle down to the old routine although there is something good about arriving home safe and sound and a real bonus seeing my gorgeous grandchildren again. Thank you for your advice and help before I set out and during the days I had in St Johns before joining the holiday proper. I had some great walks.

Rhys Davies

June 2006

Rita and I have had a fabulous week — just the way we wanted to celebrate her birthday. Thanks for being so much fun and for making the week so memorable.

A. & T. Williams

From 2002 to 2004, Wildland Tours hosted a cruise vessel for Zegrahm Expeditions as it circumnavigated Newfoundland.

The circumnavigation of Newfoundland is a trip for those who've done it all, but really haven't. A wild and rugged sea coast, magnificent vistas, sea people of wit and frontier spirit, and those seabirds… aaah those seabirds.

C. & B. Sparks

From 2002 to 2004, Wildland Tours hosted a cruise vessel for Zegrahm Expeditions as it circumnavigated Newfoundland.

The highlight of Newfoundland was the wonderful openness of the people. Tourism was new and fresh wherever we went: little isolated fishing villages; tundra, cliffs, and open spaces; seabirds by the gazillion; and history reaching back to many "firsts" for the American continent. The museums and archeological locations are expertly presented.